The cod spawning stopped the construction of Nord Stream-2

Cod spawning stands in the way of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline construction. This was reported by the German radio station NDR Info.

As the pipes are laid through Danish waters, where spawning takes place, the country’s authorities have banned any construction work for nature conservation until the end of September.

Russian pipelayers have been idle for two months already, as a pretext for the ban on construction to “spawning” was the bottom of Danish waters, which is dotted with thousands of tons of shells with poison gas from the Second World War, which can be hit by anchors. Russian ships were therefore required to obtain permission to carry out the work, the radio station stresses in its July 23rd article.

On July 24, the U.S. Senate approved its version of the Pentagon’s new year budget, which begins on October 1. The U.S. Defense Department will receive about $740.5 billion, in particular, the document includes sanctions against “Nord Stream – 2”.

In turn, July 22, the Eastern Committee of German Economy (OAOEV) said that they were preparing options for responding to the U.S. sanctions against the project. Head of OAOEV, Michael Harms, stressed that the Americans behave not as partners, but the threat of sanctions is a dangerous precedent, which could lead to similar actions by other countries, not only against the “Nord Stream – 2.

Harms expressed the opinion that there will be no problems with the completion of the gas pipeline and once again noted the importance of the project.

On July 21 the US House of Representatives approved the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year. The document envisages tougher sanctions against “Nord Stream – 2” and “Turkish Stream. The day before the congressmen unanimously approved the amendments on additional restrictions.

The U.S. first imposed sanctions against Nord Stream-2 in December last year. As a result, the gas pipeline construction had to be suspended.

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