The company will pay €68 thousand for parrots frightened to death in the Netherlands

An aeronautical company from the Dutch duchy of Brabant will pay €68 thousand as a compensation to a collector for the death of three rare parrots. This was announced by Dutchnews portal on September 10.

As it was proved in court, the animals died of fright when the balloon, which took part in the competition in March 2017, flew just 50 meters from a private house where there was a bird cage, and lit the main burner of the balloon during the flight.

Earlier, the Brabant court found that the birds died of stress, but the culprit was not established. During the investigation, it turned out that the balloon closest to the cages was a balloon of a blimp company from Scheindel.

As an excuse, the balloonist stated that he had lit the burner because the balloon was 15 m from the ground and it was necessary to raise it higher. However, places with animals were marked on maps used by the balloonist and the presence of parrots was also noted, the plaintiff’s defense said.

Among the dead parrots were a pair of hyacinth ara worth €40,000 and an Amazon with yellow pile worth €1250.