The Court in Ukraine declared the part of the quarantine provisions unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared unconstitutional a number of restrictions on coronavirus that the government had adopted. This was announced by the court’s press service on Friday, August 28.

These are several provisions adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, which concern the state budget. The rest of the demands on other articles mentioned in the petition were not satisfied.

“In the part of the decree, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which introduced quarantine, closed the proceedings, because the decree has been repeatedly amended, and the CC may consider the act within the constitutional representation and valid, that is, only the original text, which is no longer in force,” – explained the presidential representative in the Constitutional Court Fedor Wenislawski in a comment to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The Supreme Court found the restrictions on the level of material support of budget institutions, prosecutors and judges to be disproportionate.

In addition, it referred to the ban on quarantine of mass events, operation of catering establishments, shopping and entertainment centers, regular and irregular transportation, scheduled hospitalization by medical institutions.