The court left Britney Spears in the custody of her father. He’s been in control of her life for 13 years

A Los Angeles court refused to grant the petition of Britney Spears’ lawyers – they demanded that the singer end her father’s custody. The singer’s testimony was not accepted for consideration.

The singer has been in foster care for 13 years. In 2008, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of her alcohol and drug problems. The singer’s father filed for custody, explaining that he was concerned about his daughter’s condition.

On June 23, Britney appeared in court and said she was forced to work against her will, take lithium and was forbidden to remove her IUD when she wanted to get pregnant again.

“I lied and told the world I was fine and happy. I’m miserable, I can’t sleep, I’m so angry, it’s crazy. I just want my life back. I don’t have to be in care if I can work.”

Britney Spears
Britney asked that Bessemer Trust, a private firm, remain her sole guardian — she and Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, manage the finances. The court rejected that request.

Britney’s fans have long believed that Britney is in custody against her will. Fans have launched the #FreeBritney movement, which calls for releasing the singer and letting her take control of her life.