The court left Britney Spears in the custody of his father until February 2021

The Los Angeles court rejected the request of American pop singer Britney Spears to release her from the custody of her father Jamie Spears. This was reported by Reuters, citing a court order released by fans, the authenticity of which the agency was able to confirm on Monday, August 24.

At the last session of the court, which was held in private in the presence of the celebrity’s parents and her lawyers, it was decided to leave her under the care of her father until February 1, 2021.

Before the closed hearing, the singer’s attorney presented documents stating that the singer was “strongly against” returning to the custody of her father. A 38-year-old star asked her care manager, Jody Montgomery, to become her guardian. There was no substantiation for her position.

The father of the singer for 12 years controls issues related to her personal life, finances and career. Jamie Spears was appointed guardian of her daughter in 2008, after she was hospitalized for mental health care. At the end of 2019, he temporarily transferred his authority to the assistant artist Montgomery, but now he wants to become the guardian of his daughter again.

According to the agency, Britney Spears fans gathered outside the court building to hold a #FreeBritney rally. Some of her fans believe that Spears is being held captive and she sends veiled signals through her social media recordings asking for her release.

Previously, on August 9, it became known that fans of the pop singer were worried about new publications of Britney in Instagram. It was noted that the artist placed a post with a yellow picture on the social network and tried to explain her love for this color. Earlier, subscribers called on her to publish posts with “something yellow” if she needs help.