“The Crown” star, who played Princess Diana, contemplates gender reassignment

The 25-year-old actress Emma Corrine became famous for her participation in the historical series “The Crown”. The actress played the role of Princess Diana in the multiseries movie, which brought her success. The other day, the star again attracted a lot of attention from users.

On her Instagram page, she published a series of black and white pictures. In the shots, Emma appeared with a short haircut, a bandaged elastic bandage on her chest and in men’s shorts. “Thank you David Simon for capturing me so new, sincere and cool,” the actress wrote. In the publication, Emma also admitted that she wears a special bra bra not only in photos, but also in life.

As it turned out, the actress is now going through a difficult period. There are changes in her life, which she is learning to accept. Subscribers came to the conclusion that Emma is thinking about a sex change. The star’s desire to change her gender identity alerted her fans: “We live in a world where women are not forced to hate their essence”, “You set a bad example for others”, “Why spoil your beautiful body?”, “You should not go against your nature”. Emma herself has not yet commented on such rumors.