The daughter of Mayor de Blasio was detained in New York during the protests

The 25-year-old daughter of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Chiara participated in protests that swept across the country after the murder of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

She was detained at the intersection of Broadway and 12th Street, among about a hundred people. Police demanded that a crowd of protesters clear the road, but they disobeyed. Eventually, they were detained.

They were all charged with disturbing public order and then released.

Bill de Blasio has been mayor of New York City since January 2014. He replaced Michael Bloomberg as mayor, who held that position for 12 years.

On May 25, African-American George Floyd died after being brutally detained by police. Patrolmen suspected him of having paid with a fake $20 bill. After the death of the man, riots erupted in Minneapolis.

Demonstrators took to the streets and started throwing firecrackers and bottles at police stations. During the protests, a shop was looted and several industrial and commercial buildings were set on fire by unknown assailants. One person was killed. Floyd’s family asked the protesters to avoid violence.

The authorities have decided to introduce the National Guard. On May 29, law enforcement agencies arrested police officer Derek Chauvin, who used a suffocating device on Floyd.

Protests have begun across the country. Because of this, curfews were imposed in 25 cities in 16 states.