The doctor listed the signs of a disabling disease

The so-called “metabolic syndrome” can lead to the development of dangerous diseases. This was warned by candidate of medical sciences, endocrinologist

As the specialist wrote in her Instagram, doctors often underestimate the diagnosis. Nevertheless, it can provoke heart and vascular disease, cancer, diabetes, as well as lead to sudden death.

Pavlova explained that metabolic syndrome is indicated by visceral obesity, carbohydrate and fat metabolism disorders, increased blood pressure, and blood clotting disorders.

As the expert emphasized, the diagnosis is made when at least two of the symptoms listed are present. However, any of them may cause disability if a person will not seek medical help.

To stay healthy, the doctor advised to reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body and take medications that can stop the effects of metabolic syndrome.

The expert concluded that with weight loss, the condition of the person significantly improves, and the likelihood of withdrawal of medication increases.

On May 11, it became known that Australian scientists from the Garvan Institute for Medical Research, along with colleagues from China and Canada, have identified a new way to treat obesity. According to their data, the blockage of a specific receptor in the fat tissues in a certain way affects the metabolic process. Thus, the body begins to consume stored fat more actively, using it for energy production and thermoregulation.