The EP suggested to prepare for non-recognition of the results of the elections to the State Duma of Russia

The European Union (EU) must be ready to refuse to recognize the results of the elections to the Russian State Duma (Duma), if the election is held with violations. It was announced on July 15 on the site of the European Parliament.

“In conclusion, EU members state that the EU should be ready to refuse to recognize the Russian parliament if the 2021 parliamentary elections are deemed to have been held in violation of democratic principles and international law,” the published press release said.

The proposal was outlined in a report by the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee. The report, which dealt with future political relations with Russia, was supported by 56 committee members, nine were against and another five abstained. The report will be voted on by the entire European Parliament.

“Russia can be a democracy. The EU must develop a comprehensive set of principles, a strategy based on the fundamental values that the EU promotes. Our first task is to uphold the principle of ‘democracy first’ in EU relations with Russia. The EU and its institutions must proceed from the assumption that change in Russia is possible,” said rapporteur Andrius Kubilius.

Earlier in the day, the Duma commission uncovered attempts by an undesirable organization funded from the U.S. budget to influence the election campaign in Russia.

The detected materials will be sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office and Roskomnadzor in order to block them, said Vasily Piskarev, head of the State Duma Commission for Investigating Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs.

According to Piskarev, the US-funded undesirable organization, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) of International Affairs, organized webinars and seminars in Finland for Russian citizens to influence the electoral process in Russia.

On June 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that it was necessary to conduct the upcoming election campaign in the country in such a way that no one would question its legitimacy.

On June 17, the Russian leader signed a decree calling the elections of deputies to the lower house of parliament for September 19.

Elections to the State Duma of the eighth convocation will be held from September 17 to 19. The 32 parties, including United Russia, CPRF, LDPR and “Rodina” will be able to nominate their candidates in 2021. The election campaign has already begun; registration of candidates for deputy mandates will end on August 4.