The epidemiologist announced the second wave of coronavirus in the Czech Republic

The second wave of coronavirus came to Bohemia. In the near future, the increase in morbidity may reach spring indicators, said epidemiologist Roman Primula, government commissioner for science and research in health care.

The number of filled beds allocated in hospitals for infected COVID-19 may reach a maximum by October, RIA Novosti quotes him as saying. If it is not possible to reduce the increase in the number of cases, it may be necessary to reopen special departments for coronavirus infected.

Primula said that in spring people conscientiously followed the restrictions as soon as the situation began to improve in May, they were forgotten, he stressed.

“During the summer, people actively met, organized various campaigns, traveled and visited other countries. As a result, there is a current, very dynamic growth of diseases,” the doctor said. According to him, the danger was underestimated not only by ordinary citizens, but also by politicians and even medical experts.

Earlier, on September 13, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus.

According to him, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and next summer will be “generally normal”, but autumn and winter will be difficult.