The EU diplomacy head called Lukashenko “the illegitimate president of Ukraine”

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The head of the EU foreign policy service Josep Borrel made a mistake when speaking at the European Parliament session on Tuesday, September 15, and called Alexander Lukashenko “illegitimate president of Ukraine.”

We consider the elections in Belarus to be rigged, so we see Lukashenko as an illegitimate president of Ukraine,” Borrel said. He got better only after laughs in the hall: “Of course, Belarus. Of course, Belarus, what I was only thinking about”.

The head of the EU diplomacy said that the EU wants to adopt additional individual sanctions on Belarus as soon as possible – before the meeting of the European Council, which is scheduled for September 24-25, reports the National Assembly.

Borrel also stated that the EU “condemns detention of several thousands of protesters and use of force by police” in Belarus, as reported on the website According to him, at an emergency meeting of foreign ministers of the EU community on August 14, the EU decided “to adopt sanctions against Belarus as soon as possible” and still remains committed to this decision. He stressed that the EU also intends to “assess the areas in which the dialogue with Belarus may be frozen”. He reiterated the proposal to “hold repeat elections in that country under the supervision of the OSCE monitoring mission.

On September 7, Reuters reported with reference to three EU diplomats that by mid-September the European Union planned to introduce economic sanctions against 31 high-ranking Belarusian officials, including the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country.

The same day the official representative of the German Foreign Ministry Christopher Burger stated that the EU was considering the possibility to introduce personal sanctions against the incumbent president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

After that, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko threatened to respond to countries that will impose sanctions against the republic. According to him, the state has already faced restrictions and will be able to overcome new difficulties.

On August 31 Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia introduced sanctions against Lukashenko and 29 other officials of the country. They are not allowed to enter the territory of these countries. The Belarusian leader believes that in making this decision, the Baltic states followed the instructions of the “more motherly countries”.