The EU has reported 40 km of traffic jams due to coronavirus

Traffic jams at the EU borders reached 40 km, and the waiting time at these places was up to 18 hours. This was announced by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Monday, March 23.

Von der Leyen explained that some measures to stop the spread of coronavirus in the EU have also led to a slowdown in the transport system of the Commonwealth.

“This has to stop. Medical control at borders can be an important auxiliary measure to fight the epidemic, but it should not lead to transport paralysis,” the EC head stressed in her Twitter video message.

In this regard, according to von der Leyen, the European Commission has now issued recommendations for the organization of “green corridors” so that transport with all kinds of goods can cross the EU borders without problems.

Thus, the time to cross the border of the Commonwealth should not exceed 15 minutes, and the EU countries should lift such local bans, such as restrictions on the passage of trucks at night or on weekends. Another EC head called for a reduction of paperwork for drivers of any nationality in order to reduce waiting times even better.

Earlier, on March 16, the European Commission proposed a temporary 30-day ban on entry to the European Union, except for urgent travel. Currently, most EU countries have closed their borders, as well as introduced a number of restrictions on internal movement.

The epidemic of COVID-19 pneumonia caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus began to spread around the world in December 2019, with the Chinese city of Wuhan becoming the focus of the infection. According to Worldometer as of March 23, more than 351 thousand people fell ill in the world, more than 100 thousand patients were cured and 15 372 people died.