The EU imposed sanctions against Russia because of the situation with Navalny

European Union introduced sanctions against Russia on October 15 because of incident with blogger Alexey Navalny. Resolution of EU Council was published in official journal of European Union.

The restrictions include a ban on entering the EU territory, freezing of assets and financial transactions.

Apart from individual sanctions, the restrictions also apply to the State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology.

The day before it became known about the EU decision to impose sanctions against Russia because of the incident with Navalny. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry considered the restrictions to be an anti-Russian strike. MEP Thierry Mariani noted that Europe itself is destroying relations with Russia by imposing groundless sanctions in the absence of evidence. According to him, in international politics no one will “put the other cheek” and Moscow can really stop the dialogue.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the EU sanctions against Russia are the result of direct pressure on Europeans by the U.S.. Among other things, the minister promised that there would be a response to the EU actions.