The European Commission urged EU countries not to close borders because of the coronavirus

EU countries should avoid closing their internal borders despite the growing incidence of COVID-19.

“The opinion of the European Commission on this issue has not changed. It is necessary to avoid the resumption of ineffective restrictions and internal border controls of the EU, moving forward,” the interlocutor said.

According to the European Commission representative, restrictions on free movement within the EU should be applied only in case of strict necessity. They should be “coordinated, proportional and non-discriminatory to eliminate risks to public health.

Earlier Monday, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausa said the situation with the coronavirus in Europe had deteriorated and allowed a return to border controls.

On March 17, EU countries approved the closure of external borders of the community for 30 days to combat the spread of COVID-19. In addition, a number of countries have introduced controls at their internal borders. In early May, the European Commission recommended EU member states to extend this measure. After that, a number of states gradually and depending on the epidemiological situation began to open their internal borders.