The European Commission will allocate €1.7 million for the development of civil society in China

Chinese citizens need to be more involved in the country’s development and governance processes. This conclusion was reached by the European Commission (EC) and decided to allocate up to € 1.7 million for the development of civil society in China.

According to the materials of the relevant tender, published on August 27, the effect of this initiative of the EC, among other things, should be the involvement of civil society in the fight against climate change and the integration of disabled people in society.

It is also a question of involving Chinese women to actively participate in various spheres of life in the country, including economic, political and social.

Only those organizations that have been established in China or the EU can participate in the tender.

The day before it was reported that the Council of Europe decided to finance the training of prosecutors in Ukraine. The organization has announced a tender for the services of at least 40 qualified professionals who will assist the Training Center for Prosecutors (TCP).

It is planned to allocate about €55 thousand for each of the selected candidates. Successful candidates will organize various trainings and educational events for Ukrainian prosecutors.