The European Union without optimism waits for new offers from Great Britain concerning Brexit

The European Union waits for new offers from Great Britain to achieve break at negotiations on its secession of community (Brexit), the European Council president Donald Tusk said, speaking on Tuesday at “The tripartite summit” in Brussels in which heads of institutes of the EU, representatives of the European labor unions and employers participate. This meeting precedes the summit of heads of state and government of the EU on October 17 on Brexit.

Donald Tusk invited to the beginning of a meeting on Wednesday the prime minister of Great Britain Theresa May who will perform with the vision of the situation about negotiations on Brexit before 27 heads of the states of the European Union. After that they will carry out discussion during a working dinner in which May will not take part. At this stage of the summit Michel Barnier will inform leaders on the made progress since the meeting at the highest levels in Salzburg.

Then leaders of the EU will resolve an issue of further actions, perhaps, of convocation of the additional European Council in the near future.

“Unfortunately, the report on a condition of negotiations on Michel Barnier’s Brexit received by me today does not give the grounds for optimism before the summit which is coming on Wednesday on Brexit. The good will and determination of both parties give the only hope for reaching an agreement,” – Tusk at a press conference after the summit meeting explained. Michel Barnier is the chief negotiator on Brexit from the EU.

“Tomorrow I am going to ask the prime minister Mai whether she has specific proposals how to break an impasse. Only such character of the offer are capable to define whether the break is possible”, – the head of the European Council added.

Earlier on Tuesday Michel Barnier told journalists that the EU and Great Britain need more time for development of the agreement on Brexit conditions.

The day before the British prime minister Theresa May said that she still trusts in a possibility of Brexit coordinated with the EU. During the performance in the House of Commons she told that negotiations with the EU on Brexit are in the final stage. These words provoked laughter from representatives of the opposition Labour Party of Great Britain, not concordant with this assessment.

At the September summit in Salzburg Tusk said that the European Union expects the maximum progress and results on negotiations on Brexit in October. He also promised that at the October summit of EU country will just solve whether “there are sufficient conditions” to hold the extraordinary EU summit in November for end and official execution of the transaction on Brexit.

The summit of 27 states of the EU will recognize on October 17 hope that the agreement with Great Britain on Brexit is possible, but the option without agreement will also not remain unaddressed, the high-ranking official of the EU told journalists on Tuesday in Brussels, acquainting them on the condition of anonymity journalists with the agenda of the summit of the European Union on October 17-18.

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