The expert explained the irreplaceability of water with other drinks

The expert on mineral water told why it is impossible to replace water with tea, coffee or juices.

According to the specialist, only water has the ability to penetrate cells and renew them. That is, if a person drinks everything but water, the cells are not renewed.

“There is a key parameter – the redox potential (ORP). This is what water, really good, high quality, energy-rich water has, corresponds to our internal environment. It is approximately minus 50-70 millivolts,” the expert explained.

ORP in the human body is minus 70 millivolts. Even in bottled water from the store it reaches minus 150 millivolts. That is why Olkhov recommended drinking 1.5-2 liters of low mineralized water daily, preferably still water. He specified that the gas is more of a preservative needed to preserve water and prevent it from blooming.

The expert also noted the therapeutic properties of mineral waters. According to him, to drink water rich in bicarbonate should be a course of 30-40 days, as it helps the body to purify itself. Such water should be consumed 20 minutes before meals, in the morning giving preference to a large glass.