The feeling of someone else’s gaze was explained

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Everyone had the impression that someone was looking at him. Usually, it causes anxiety and concern, and some people think that this feeling is psychic. But is it so?

It is not even the fact that someone is looking at you, but more about what you felt, not the corner of your eye. There is a special term for this phenomenon, it is called “eye detection system”.

Some animals can also detect similar things, but it is the human nervous system that makes it more accurate. So, let’s say, if at some point, if you take your eyes away from a person at some degree, the sense of detection will immediately disappear.

The human pupil is much smaller than the pupils of other organisms, most of our eye is like a sclera. It is thanks to these proportions that we can easily recognize who is looking at what.

We can recognize that someone is looking at us with the peripheral vision. But it is not always at these moments that we see the look of the person looking at us. Sometimes we can only see the general position of the head and body. And our brain will wonder if that person is really looking at us. Even if there are doubts about the truth, the nervous system will still include a “gaze detection system” just in case.

What about the gaze from the back? Human nature has developed in such a way that it always assumes that it can be attacked. So, if we can’t determine exactly where people look, we automatically think that they are looking at us.