The first cases of coronavirus transmission were identified outside China

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The first cases of coronavirus transmission were identified outside China

In Germany and Japan, coronavirus was first transferred from one person to another outside China. In China, the day before it was reported that the virus begins to spread faster among people – the number of infections exceeded 4500.

A 33-year-old patient near Munich contracted the virus at work; he was known to have previously had contact with a Chinese colleague who flew in from Shanghai last week. Andreas Zapf, head of the Bavarian government’s Infectious Disease Control Team, said the woman was sick on the plane on her way back to China.

Scientists have identified the source of a new coronavirus from ChinaThis is the first case of coronavirus transmission in Germany.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Zapf urged not to panic and recalled that it is flu season in Germany, which may have similar symptoms. Bavarian health minister Melanie Huml said that the patient “feels fine”.

In Japan, a 60-year-old man contracted the coronavirus without visiting China. Presumably, the driver of a tourist bus picked up the virus from a group of tourists coming from Wuhan. This was confirmed to Agence France by a spokesman for the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Japan has introduced additional checks for those coming from China.

Hong Kong has also almost stopped communication in mainland China – flights arriving from there have been canceled and rail traffic has been stopped. This was announced by Mayor Kerry Lam on Thursday, speaking at a press conference wearing a medical mask.

Several governments are considering evacuation of citizens from Wuhan and nearby cities. Japanese authorities have announced that they will send a charter plane to Wuhan on Tuesday.

The day before it became known about three cases of infestation in the U.S. – in the states of Illinois, Washington and California.

In France, the coronavirus on Tuesday revealed three people: two in Paris, one – in Bordeaux in the south-west of the country. Hospitalized in Paris, a Chinese couple arrived in France on January 18. In Bordeaux was hospitalized a 48-year-old Chinese citizen who works in the French wine industry. He flew to France from Wuhan.

There have been no fatalities outside of China yet. In China, the virus has already claimed 106 lives.