The first hearing in Floyd’s case will begin in March 2021

The first trial of former police officers who participated in the detention of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, which led to his death, will take place on 8 March 2021. This was reported by NBC on Monday, June 29, citing Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill.

It is not yet known whether all four ex-police will be held in the same proceedings or whether their cases will be considered separately. According to the judge, the authorities will have to decide this matter. The next preliminary hearing is expected to take place in September.

The charges against the law enforcement officers were filed in early June. Three were charged with aiding and abetting a second-degree murder, while Derek Chauvin, who used a strangulation technique against Floyd, was charged with murder.

On Monday, all four former police officers – Derek Chauvin, J-Alexander Kuhn, Thomas Lane and Tu Tao – were brought to trial. Chauvin took part in the trial by video link. He used a suffocation technique to apprehend Floyd, after which he died.

On June 22, it was reported that African-American and Hispanic prison guards were suspended from the custody of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who used a strangulation technique on black American George Floyd.

In early May, protests erupted in a number of states and turned into riots.