The first images of Xiaomi Mi Z Fold smartphone bending in two places appeared on the network

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi patented Mi Z Fold smartphone with flexible OLED screen, which is bent in two places and in the folded state has displays on both sides. The LetsGoDigital portal writes about an unusual device, the patent for which appeared in the database of the World Intellectual Property Office.

The patent for the innovative smartphone from Xiaomi was filed with the World Intellectual Property Office back in March this year, but the approved document was published only recently. The sketch images in the patent documentation have been used to create renderings to better evaluate the idea of Xiaomi’s engineers and designers.

If you look at the device in its folded state, it is a rather thick “brick”, which has screens on both sides. Xiaomi Mi Z Fold actually has two screens – one flexible OLED, which unfolds in two places, and one regular OLED.

The patent is dedicated to the unusual screen as well as the way it is folded, so there are no important elements like a camera on the sketches in the documentation. However, on the renderers you can find a front camera that is hidden in a hole in a separate inflexible screen. Plus, you can consider a slot for SIM cards, stereo speakers and a USB-C port.