The first lung transplant to a patient with COVID-19 in Europe was performed in Austria

Europe’s first lung transplant to a patient with coronavirus infection was performed at Vienna Medical University, the institution’s website reported on Monday, May 25.

The operation was performed on 18 May on a 45-year-old Austrian patient. The woman had acute pulmonary insufficiency and the doctors kept her breathing with a circulation pump for a month. When it became clear that the lung could not be saved, the decision was made to transplant the organ.

According to the head of the university clinic Walter Klepetko, the patient is currently in excellent condition, there are no serious problems with her health.

“She is slowly recovering. The organs are functioning well, we are all satisfied. But it will still take enough time before we, hopefully, eventually discharge her from the hospital,” he said in a publication.

He also noted that the critical phase is over and the doctors are optimistic.

It is also specified that when the patient was brought to Vienna, she still had COVID-19 particles, but they were no longer contagious. The woman had no comorbidities and two months ago, before she was diagnosed with an infection, her health could be assessed as excellent. According to the university staff, this was what contributed to the successful outcome of the operation.

On May 21 it was reported that Italian doctors discovered a new side effect from COVID-19. In their opinion, the infection may provoke thyroid diseases.