The first photo of Baldwin after the tragedy on the set

The Santa Fe New Mexican publication posted a photo of American actor Alec Baldwin on its Twitter page on Friday, October 22, following an incident on a New Mexico movie set that left camera operator Galina Hutchins dead and director Joel Sousa seriously injured.

The shot was taken after questioning the actor at the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. The publication assures that Baldwin is shocked by what happened.

The day before, while filming a scene for the movie Rust in New Mexico, Alec Baldwin fired a gun. It was assumed that the gun was loaded with blank cartridges. However, shrapnel hit the cameraman and director. Hutchins was severely injured and was flown by helicopter to a local trauma center where she died. The film’s director, Souza, was hospitalized in serious condition with a collarbone injury. No charges have been filed against Baldwin.

The incident occurred at Bonanza Creek Ranch, which in the past has been used by directors to film westerns, including “3:10 to Yuma” and “Cowboys vs. Aliens.” A spokesman for the film production company said the “accident” was due to a misfire of a prop gun with blank cartridges. Filming has been suspended. Baldwin was questioned but not charged.

It is known that the deceased Galina Hutchins was a native of the Ukrainian SSR and grew up on a Soviet military base above the Arctic Circle.