The first teaser for the new “Cinderella” has been released. Check out Billy Porter as the fairy godmother

The first teaser of the new adaptation of “Cinderella” appeared on the Internet – the main role in the project was played by singer Camila Cabello. The writers promise that the film will be well understood by modern girls.

The new “Cinderella” is a modern interpretation of the famous story. The creators decided to rethink the already familiar plot. Thus, the main character dreams of having her own clothing store.

Kay Cannon was the director and screenwriter of the fairy tale-musical.

“Our version will be closer to what girls and young girls go through, and they can see themselves.”

Kay Cannon

The main character’s stepmother was played by Idina Menzel and the fairy godmother by Billie Porter. The role of the prince went to British actor Nicholas Golitsyn, and the king was played by Pierce Brosnan.

The film will be released on September 3 on Amazon Prime Video.