The following iOS features are now available on the Web

Former journalist and startup investor Josh Constein told in his blog what updates can appear in the operating system iOS version 14. Its release is scheduled for autumn 2020 – simultaneously with the new line of smartphones iPhone 12.

Constine says that Apple is preparing to launch the new operating system application with augmented reality support for scanning QR codes. The app, called Gobi, will work with new types of tags – both square and round, stylized for brand logos.

In the files Josh received from an unnamed source, QR codes were found to go to the pages of various products on the Apple website, such as the smart Apple Watch and the movie “Star Wars: Outcast One” on the iTunes Store. Constein also found the code to display a loyalty card for the Starbucks coffee chain.

On his Youtube channel Constine posted a video about the features of the application Gobi / Youtube – Josh Constine.
The Locator app, which replaced Find iPhone in iOS 13, will receive new sounds and vibrations in the next version of the operating system. Apparently, “Locator” will “play” with the user in a kind of “hot and cold”: when approaching the device that the user wants to find, will start playing a certain melody, which will change when away from the desired gadget.