The German Foreign Ministry distinguished the themes of Nord Stream-2 and the sanctions on Navalny

The sanctions proposed by Germany against Russia do not affect Nord Stream-2 as the gas pipeline construction is a multilateral project and requires international consensus. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on October 8 at the GLOBSEC2020 forum in Bratislava.

The minister explained that the idea to extend sanctions to “Nord Stream – 2” after the situation with blogger Alexey Navalny was not developed because Berlin would be against the incident with the Russian blogger being considered as bilateral German-Russian issue.

“This is not a project between Germany and Russia alone, it has to be considered in the international dimension. We need the consensus of international partners and we are working on it now,” Maas said.

According to Maas, opponents of Nord Stream 2 are trying to use the incident with Navalny to put the pipeline project in the spotlight.

On October 7 it was reported that authorities of France and Germany would propose a package of sanctions against Russia because of the situation with alleged “use of chemical weapons” against blogger Alexey Navalny.

On the same day, Polish regulator UOKiK fined five partners of “Gazprom” for construction of “Nord Stream – 2” in amount of about $60 million. The companies are Engie Energy, Uniper, OMV, Shell and Wintershall. Gazprom itself was fined $7.6 billion.

Commenting on this decision of the Polish side, the Kremlin said that relations between Russia and Poland could not be called prosperous.