The head of the Ministry of Labor of the Czech Republic called the head of the government a moron

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At the end of her interview with Czech TV, Jana Maláčová, head of the Czech Labor Ministry, called Prime Minister Andrei Babiš a moron and accused him of creating a “brothel” in the country, believing that the recording was over. On Monday, October 19, the recording was published on YouTube.

“This is the brothel that Babish made. And now we all have to lick it. It’s a retard, I’m sorry,” Malachova said.

Earlier, on October 18, in Prague, sports fans gathered for a rally against the cancellation of all sporting events because of COVID-19. Many of those gathered on Staromestska Square did not have medical masks and did not observe social distance, thus violating orders of authorities. As a result, shortly after the rally began, the authorities decided to ban it. The protesters began throwing stones, bottles and other items at the rally in response to the police actions.

The rally was condemned by Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babiš. According to him, the protesters did not think about the health of their fellow citizens. Immediately after the rally, law enforcement officers detained 16 participants.

According to the Republican Health Ministry, next week doctors predict an increase to 15-20 thousand new cases per day. In total, there are 98.5 thousand COVID-19 patients in the Czech Republic at present.