The helicopter of the USA fell to the deck of the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, there are victims

The helicopter of US Navies MH-60 fell to the deck of the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in the Philippine Sea, there are victims. TASS with reference to command of the Seventh fleet of the USA which is based in the Pacific Ocean reports about it. According to command, an incident occurred right after take-off about 9 o’clock in the morning: several people are wounded, however information on exact number of victims is not provided. Command reports that all of them are in a stable state, nothing threatens their life, but some can evacuation on the coast is required.

What became the cause of the accident, at the moment it is not known. Crash of helicopter did not influence functioning of the aircraft carrier, urgent repair is not required. As reports the Stars and Stripes portal, an incident occurred during “regular operations” in the Philippine Sea.

It is not the first incident connected with the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier: in November of last year in 150 kilometers from the Japanese island of Okinawa the American military plane going to the aircraft carrier crashed: on its board there were 11 people.

According to the American military, problems with the engine became a cause of the crash: during the rescue operation in which participated including the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier 8 people from among wrecked were saved. Three more did not manage to be found.

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