The Hungarian homeless for spending the night on the street from now on is threatened by prison

In Hungary the law forbidding vagrancy came into force. In particular, the Hungarian homeless from now on cannot sleep on streets. However doss houses will not be enough for all.

Found at night sleeping on a shop at first will receive a warning, however after the fourth prevention of the violator will detain. It will be threatened by punishment in the form of obligatory works or even imprisonment.

The new law orders to tramps to stop in doss houses, however, in particular, in Budapest only 20 thousand places in such institutions are the share of 30 thousand homeless.

The law was adopted not at once: earlier the prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán taking a hard line on mass migration already tried to criminalize vagrancy, but then the court interfered.

At the end of May Orbán’s government drafted the bill prescribing punishment for citizens who help the illegal migrants trying to be granted asylum in the country. If this legislative initiative is accepted in an original form, then distribution, printing of leaflets with information on asylum for migrants and the offer to them food or legal council will become penal acts.

Point which will make impossible acceptance of migrants by Hungary upon the demand of the European Union and its members can be introduced in the constitution of the country. As punishment the European Parliament can disfranchise Hungary in the EU and also other rights and inflict sanctions.

Orbán’s government, according to European Parliament, pursues minorities, limits freedom of the press and ignores the principle of rule of law, the Hungarian prime minister rejects these charges.

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