The Iranians offered $80 million for Trump’s head

Iran’s state television showed a statement to raise $80 million to reward U.S. President Donald Trump’s “head”. The author of the appeal was the mourning panegyrist – the host of the farewell ceremony for General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qasem Soleimani.

The ceremony was shown on January 5 by Iran’s Channel One. The panegyrist, whose name could not be found, addressed a statement to the crowd in Mashhad, Iran’s first largest city after Tehran.

“Us Iranians, 80 million. If we collect a dollar from each of us, we will have 80 million dollars – and we will be able to give that amount to the one who will bring us the head.”

A piece of the eulogy allegedly appeared on Twitter. One of the first to draw attention to this was the edition en24. The statement was also reported by several other global media including Arabic-language channel Al Arabiya English, German Bild and British tabloids such as Mirror and the Daily Star.

There is no official statement from the Iranian authorities yet.