The Irish president’s puppy tried to play with his owner during an interview

The puppy of the President of Ireland Michael Higgins has touched the Internet users, trying to attract the attention of the owner. Video of the interview with the head of state was published on the official page of the leader in TikTok.

The footage shows Higgins playing with his hand and the hem of his jacket the entire time he was giving a speech about the passing of Irish actor Tom Hickey, his Bernese Kennenhound puppy. The dog, nicknamed Misnich, which means “courage,” became a member of the president’s family in March. The Irish leader also has a second dog of the breed, named Broad.

“You can tell he’s a wonderful man just by the way his dog Misnich adores the president. How lucky our nation is to have such a wonderful leader,” one commenter wrote.

“I love how President Higgins is relaxed with his puppy and continues his speech,” noted another.

“One gets the feeling that any pet left in his care would be very well taken care of,” a third user opined.