The judge suspended the abortion ban in Texas

State authorities have declared them unnecessary procedures that waste scarce resources during the pandemic.

A federal judge has demanded that Texas authorities temporarily end the ban on abortion, which state leaders have declared medically unnecessary, resulting in the wasting of scarce resources needed to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Texas Republican Governor and the state attorney general last week threatened doctors with heavy fines and jail sentences for carrying out abortions even for medical reasons that do not require personal protective equipment such as surgical masks, sterile gloves and gowns. According to the governor’s decision, only abortions needed to save the mother’s life were permitted.

“The decree itself does not go beyond the governor’s authority in an emergency,” said District Judge Lee Yekel on Monday. – However, the Attorney General’s interpretation of the decree threatens criminal penalties for those who adhere to a different interpretation”.

The interim restraining order remains in effect until April 13, when the Austin judge will hold a hearing to further discuss the matter.