The key traits of sexual attractiveness are named

Researchers from Australia have established what characteristics of the partner determine its sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex. Information wrote about it PLOS One.

Specialists at Queensland University of Technology have studied the answers of more than seven thousand people 18-65 years old who participated in a large-scale online survey on sexual attractiveness. The survey was conducted in 2016 among users of dating websites.

Survey participants were asked to rate from 0 to 100 points on the importance of nine traits of a potential partner. The traits important for sexual attractiveness were divided into three categories: aesthetic (age, physical features, external attractiveness), personal (trust, emotional connection, openness) and resource (education, intelligence, income level).

Statistical analysis showed that men and women focus on similar traits when choosing a partner. Representatives of both sexes cited such traits as physical features and attractiveness as very important, as well as all traits from the personality category. The importance of age, intelligence, income, education, emotional connection, and trust was slightly higher for women than for men. Men, in turn, considered traits such as attractiveness and the physique of the partner more important.