The Kremlin declared Putin’s respect for the U.S. president

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Thursday, July 1, that Russian leader Vladimir Putin will always respect his American counterpart Joe Biden.

“Putin is very realistic about it all, he is always respectful in his relations, and I have no doubt that this respect for the US president will always be present in the dialogue,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

At the same time, Peskov stressed that unpredictability on the part of the United States makes it difficult to build relations, but Russia counts on dialogue.

“There is a certain amount of unpredictability on the part of our enemies across the ocean. Probably this seriously complicates everything,” Peskov clarified.

According to the Kremlin spokesman, Biden did not try to show some mentorship during the Russian-American summit in Geneva. Peskov clarified that it was impossible to talk to Putin in such a tone.

“There was no mentorship there and there could not have been. You know that with President Putin in this regard to show any mentorship during negotiations is simply impossible,” the Kremlin spokesman stressed in an interview with Channel One.

Peskov also noted that the heads of state did not speak in unison at the meeting in Geneva.

The day before, the Russian leader expressed the hope that the world order “will become more benign,” while relations, in particular with the United States, will be better. Putin also stressed that Russia is developing, and its defense has reached a high level in some respects, surpassing, among others, the United States.