The largest extraterrestrial diamonds were found in Africa

According to scientists, the formation of such extraterrestrial artifacts appeared as a result of a large disaster that occurred in outer space.

According to space researchers, the asteroid belt contains about 10 million space bodies formed from a giant cloud of gas and dust, which rotated around the Sun. This is the time when the planets were born. As they rotate, sometimes asteroids descend from their orbits, and large asteroids do not burn through the dense layers of the atmosphere and reach the Earth’s surface. These specimens are of special interest from a scientific point of view, because they are able, when studied in detail, to provide information about the periods of origin, further development and death of the planets of the solar system.

A group of international scientists from Europe and America came to Africa to study the Ureilites found in Sudan and Morocco. In their opinion, these specimens are particularly rare and may be parts of a larger space object, most likely some small planet that has split as a result of an impact with another celestial body.

The carbon contained in the ureilites can be represented as nanodiamonds or graphite, and this chemical compound could not be formed due to an impact on the Earth. This version is justified by the fact that, if struck, the energy would have been colossal. The appearance of ureilites is comparable to the appearance of natural diamonds – as a result of prolonged exposure to pressure in the depths of the planet, similar in size to Mars.

According to the obtained results of studies of ureilites, a group of scientists found not only nanodiamonds, but also large enough copies, whose size reached 100 micrometers. The experts expressed the theory that their appearance is associated with the emergence of a sharp and strong pressure, which in turn may indicate that the original object containing the Ureilites collided with a giant asteroid or small planet, causing the destruction and subsequent deflection from orbit.