The last Russian-language newspaper was closed in Finland

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The Russian-language newspaper Spektr in Finland stops its activities, its editor-in-chief Vladimir Gusatinsky told on November 17.

“Due to financial difficulties, the newspaper has to be closed down by the end of the year,” he told RIA Novosti.

The newspaper remained the only Russian-language newspaper that was regularly published in Finland.

Its first issue was published on July 1, 1998.

“Spectrum” was distributed throughout Finland by subscription, as well as free of charge in the capital region and Eastern Finland, bordering Russia.

The idea was to create in Finland a Russian-language edition, which would help to understand and see Finland “in a new way”. “We want our readers to see Finland also as an international modern European state,” – says the newspaper website.

In recent years, the Baltic States have pursued a policy of abandoning the Russian language. It is prohibited to study in Russian in educational institutions. At the same time, for example, only in Latvia, almost 40% of the population speaks Russian.

At the beginning of November Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed his opinion about discrimination of Russian language in Ukraine and Baltic countries.