The maker of Barbie dolls was accused of racism

The company Mattel was accused of racism after the release of a new inclusive line of Barbie dolls, dedicated to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, in which there was not a single Asian. The Daily Mail reported this on Tuesday, August 11.

The new doll collection is part of the official Tokyo 2020 merchandise. Its first release dates back to February of last year, but the company began re-promoting its offering with the start of the Olympics.

The inclusive set includes five dolls, each representing new sports added to the 2020 Olympics – softball, rock climbing, skateboarding, karate and surfing.

Each doll has its own skin tone and body shape, but Internet users drew attention to the lack of a representative of Asian culture in the collection and saw it as an insult, since the Olympics itself took place in Tokyo.

Mattel was criticized on social media. Individuals even made a promise not to purchase any more dolls from the manufacturer.

Earlier, on July 22, the United States decided that all National Football League games would begin with an unofficial “African American national anthem.”