The man was declared dead and was refused to be released from the morgue in Colombia

Medics at a hospital in Sucre, Colombia, found the death of a 67-year-old medical patient and refused to accept the words of his relatives, who claimed otherwise. This was reported by El Nacional.

Juan José Munosa Romero was taken to a hospital with high blood pressure on Monday, July 6. A few hours later, doctors informed his family that the man had died and his body had already been sent to the morgue.

However, the relatives did not believe it and asked to see the deceased, the doctors in turn refused, citing a ban due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, Romero’s daughter snuck into the morgue building and found her father alive. He was breathing and his eyes were open.

The woman hurried to tell the doctors about it, but they assured her that the natural reaction that is observed in a man after death. But Romero’s daughter also did not believe the doctors this time and insisted that her father be transferred to another clinic.

According to the newspaper on Monday, July 13, the man is in a stable state of consciousness. Time spent in the morgue has affected his health after all – now he suffers from ischemia.

In September 2018 a Pole, “dead” from alcohol poisoning, woke up in the morgue and returned to the party, refusing to be hospitalized.