The Mayor of Minneapolis responded to Trump’s allegations of weakness

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey responded to US President Donald Trump who considered him “weak”. In his opinion, the American leader underestimates the strength of the city.

“Weak is the refusal to take responsibility for his actions. Weak is to blame someone else during a crisis. Donald Trump knows nothing about Minneapolis’ power. We are devilishly strong. Yes, this is a difficult time, but we will overcome it,” the mayor said Friday, May 29, during a press conference broadcast by CBS News.

Frey also spoke about the evacuation of law enforcement officers from the police station the night of Friday, when protesters surrounded the building. When asked why he had allowed Protestants to enter the station, the mayor responded that “the symbolism of the building cannot outweigh the importance of life. According to him, the decision was not easy. The mayor assured that the incident would not affect the work of law enforcement agencies in the area.

Earlier that day, Trump wrote on Twitter that he would send National Guard troops into the city unless “the very weak radical left mayor” Frey takes control of the situation.

Due to the riots in Minneapolis, an emergency situation has been declared. Protests in Minneapolis have been going on for days. They began after a 46-year-old local resident, George Floyd, died on 25 May as a result of being kneeled on the asphalt by a policeman while in custody until he passed out. According to security officials, the citizen resisted.

However, witnesses circulated a video on the Internet showing that Floyd did not resist the policeman and was handcuffed, and during the use of asphyxiation he repeatedly complained that he had nothing to breathe and then stopped showing signs of life.

On May 27, the Minneapolis Police Department dismissed four officers who were involved in the man’s detention. The security forces claimed that they had planned to detain a citizen sitting in a car who was supposedly drunk but who had begun to resist.

The police chief of the town where the incident occurred, Medaria Arrado, expressed his condolences to Floyd’s family and loved ones in connection with the incident.

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