The Mayor of Nice spoke out against anti-Russian sanctions

Because of the unjust and counterproductive anti-Russian sanctions the economy and agriculture of France have lost tens of billions of euros. This was stated by the Mayor of Nice and former French Minister of Industry Christian Estrosi at the business forum “Russia and France: on the way to a new partnership” in Moscow.

“I consider European sanctions unfair and counterproductive. I have always been categorically against this initiative. The French economy and agriculture have lost tens of billions of euros because of these sanctions,” he is quoted as saying.

According to the mayor of Nice, without a strong Russia the future of Europe is impossible.

“I sincerely believe that the future of Europe cannot be built without Russia, powerful and strong, and vice versa. Too often we witness fear of Russia because of, let me say, cowardice. I have always struggled with this, dear friends. Russia and France are not only economic partners, they are allies and friends,” he said.

According to him, France and Russia need to strengthen ties, which have weakened somewhat since 2014.

“We need to work to regain positions in economic cooperation, in the sphere of ecology, culture, linguistics, tourism and sports,” the mayor of Nice stressed.

He recalled that France is the largest foreign employer in Russia, with 34 companies and 160,000 employees, and is among the top five in terms of investment in Russia.