The Mentalist actor Jay Pickett died on set

American actor Jay Pickett passed away on the set of the film “Treasure Valley”. It was reported on the page of the future of the film on Facebook on Sunday, August 1.

As noted by the film’s co-producer Jim Heffel, Pickett, 60, died while preparing to shoot one of the film’s scenes. According to the film’s producer Travis Mills, Pickett allegedly had a heart attack.

“Jay was an incredible person. He was kind and sweet and generous. He was one of the best actors I ever worked with, and I was honored to work with him. Anyone who met him could feel his warmth. It’s hard to find the words right now to say more,” quoted Mills as saying.

Jay Pickett is an American film and television actor. To viewers he is known, in particular, for the television series “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “The Mentalist” and “Dexter”.