The monument to the confederates was dismantled in Charlottesville

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Monument to the soldier of the Confederate States Army, installed in 1909, was dismantled on Saturday, September 12, in the American city of Charlottesville, near the place where in 2017 there were clashes between left radicals and the ultra-right, reports The New York Times.

The vote to demolish the memorial was held in the summer. It is noted that the demolition of the monument was met with the approval of the people gathered. What was happening was broadcast online.

The authorities erected fences to prevent people from entering the site, citing the need to maintain social distance due to the coronavirus.

In the end of May, on the wave of mass protests in USA, spontaneous demolition of monuments began.

Thus, on June 10 the protesters in Richmond collapsed the monument to Christopher Columbus; left-wing activists accused the discoverer of mainland of genocide of native population of America.

Later it became known about intention of New York authorities to dismantle the equestrian monument to former US president Theodore Roosevelt at the entrance to American museum of natural history.

In August 2017 in Charlottesville were clashes between ultra-right and left-wing radical activists. During the clashes, a supporter of the ultra-right James Alex Fields, Jr. deliberately ran into a crowd, killing a woman and injuring 38 people. Fields was sentenced to life imprisonment for this crime. Two other policemen died in the crash of a helicopter watching the situation in the city.