The most deadly garden in the World: Tourists have fallen in love with the place

The garden known as “the deadliest garden in the world” (The Poison Garden) has become a popular place among tourists in Britain. It presents only plants that are dangerous to humans, so it is possible to visit it only with a guide, reports The Mirror.

The garden, which is loved by tourists, is located in the British county of Northumberland and is only a part of the garden of Alnwick. The entrance to the dangerous alleys is blocked by a gate with a sign that reads “These plants can kill you.” Tourists are strictly forbidden to smell, touch or taste the plants as they walk through the garden. It is noted that some guests have fainted while inhaling the fumes of some flowers.

There are about a hundred “poisonous, intoxicating, and narcotic” plants in the garden, including beautiful flowers with deadly berries, leaves, and stems. The idea for such a garden came from the Duchess of Northumberland, who was anxious to abandon conventional herbs. However, head gardener Trevor Jones reported that many of the garden’s dangerous inhabitants have become habitual to visitors.

“These are common plants. Many of them we call indoor or garden plants, they grow in gardens. But no one is aware of their dangers,” Jones emphasized. To take care of the plants, staff must wear special protective suits.