The most unusual Earth Maps you did not know about

What is hidden under the earthly mantle? What did the drift of the continents on the ancient Earth look like? How different is the gravity in different regions of our planet? Different maps of the Earth will help to answer all these questions.

Yes, maps can be not only political or geographical. For example, there is a map that shows how the ancient supercontinent of Pangaea formed the continents known to us – we are talking about an interactive online map, which was developed by enthusiasts under the guidance of geologist Christopher Skoteze.

If you want to look beneath the earth’s mantle, where molten rocks slowly mix to create “drops” the size of a continent, then take a look at this map. It was created by geologists and seismologists from Cambridge and the University of Maryland.

Gravitation. It is believed to be the same for any point of our planet, but it is not. The difference in distribution of rocks and water creates gravitational anomalies, which can be fixed with special devices. On the site of the data visualization center NASA has a detailed map of the gravity of the Earth.

Another video card, created on the basis of information that NASA satellites collected 20 years, clearly demonstrates that our Earth can be considered a living organism that “breathes” and changes. But we have to take into account that the Earth is a very complex organism, to show all the processes in which no single map can.