The name of Nazi Goebbels was found in the list of honorary citizens of Potsdam

A study of the official list of honorary citizens of Potsdam (Germany) found that Joseph Goebbels, an associate of Adolf Hitler and the Minister of Education and Propaganda from 1933 to 1945, is in fact still an honorary citizen of this city. This information was published on October 5 in the newspaper Märkische Allgemeine.

As is specified, the study was conducted at the end of the summer.

The article in the German newspaper states that Goebbels became an honorary citizen of the Babelsberg settlement in 1938, which a year later became part of Potsdam. The term of appointment, according to the established rules, expires with the death of a person. In Goebbels’ case, this would have been on May 1, 1945. Nevertheless, the Potsdam honorary citizens page provides information that Babelsberg’s honorary citizenship status was not revoked due to his death, most likely “due to ignorance of the nuances.”

During his lifetime, Josef Goebbels was awarded the title of honorary citizen in other German cities as well. The city of Teltow, for example, removed him from the corresponding list only in 2014 – almost 70 years after the fall of the Nazi regime.