The Nantes Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated criminal proceedings for the intentional arson of a cathedral

French authorities expect the restorers to repair the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Nantes as soon as possible after the fire. This was announced on Saturday, July 18, by French Prime Minister Jean Castex at a meeting with residents.

“I want to express to the Catholic parish, the inhabitants of Nantes the solidarity of all France. Now there is an investigation, until I have sufficient information about its progress <...>Then we expect the restoration of the cathedral as soon as possible,” – quotes TASS words Castex.

At the same time, the prime minister thanked the firemen and rescuers for their efficient work on the spot.

The fire in the cathedral took place in the morning of 18 July. Two fire brigades went to fight the fire immediately after the signal of fire.

Tom Siret, professor at the University of Strasbourg, said that invaluable relics were burned in the cathedral. In particular, a large organ of the XVII century was completely destroyed.

The prosecutor’s office of Nantes initiated a criminal case on intentional arson. According to preliminary data, three different hearths of fire were discovered.