The National Museum of Denmark renounced the word “Eskimo”

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The exhibition “Eskimos and Greenland”, which opened at the National Museum of Copenhagen in 1992, changes its name because, according to the director of the museum, Martin Appelt, the word “Eskimo” is derogatory and cannot be used in the name of a permanent exhibition. This was reported in the Kristeligt-dagblad on July 30.

In his opinion, the word “Eskimo” is perceived by many residents of the areas from which the museum exhibits are collected as painful and demeaning. As the museum director added, many people associate the word “excimos” with someone who “weaves snowshoes” or “eats raw meat”.

“Therefore, the designation is perceived by many as a tool to preserve the dominance of white and classify people in a super simplified version,” concluded Martin Appelt. The work on changing the exhibition will begin next week.

Danish dictionaries refer to the word as the name of people “belonging to the indigenous Asian peoples living in the Arctic part of Greenland”.

The American company Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, which produces Eskimo Pie ice cream, will change the name of its century-old brand in June because it humiliates the Eskimos. The company has followed the example of the Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s food companies, which have announced that they will change their logo, which depicts African Americans.