The Network criticized Madonna for her post on the coronavirus cure

A wave of criticism fell on the American singer Madonna for her publication in Instagram about the allegedly already existing drug from COVID-19. This was reported on Wednesday, July 29, the British newspaper The Sun.

The artist posted a video in the social network, where a group of people in white coats, calling themselves “America’s leading doctors,” said that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax treat coronavirus. They also said it makes no sense to wear medical masks.

The full 45-minute video and excerpts were taken from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as soon as it began to spread online.

“The truth will make us all free. But some people don’t want to hear the truth,” wrote the 61-year-old singer.

Also in a comment to the video, Madonna criticized the authorities, who, she said, make money on a protracted search for a vaccine, “which has been proven and available for many months.

The administration of Instagram almost immediately noted the recording as containing false and dangerous information, and then blocked the post.

Users also criticized Madonna for publishing it. “This is pure madness! I can’t believe you support such a dangerous charlatanism,” Eurythmics vocalist Annie Lennox wrote and expressed the hope that the star’s account was compromised. This post has also been removed.

On April 30, Madonna said she was tested and found antibodies to coronavirus infection, which means the disease was asymptomatic. According to her, she can now “breathe COVID-19 air” safely. So, in June, the singer was spotted on an antiracism march in London without a mask.