The new optical illusion from Billie Eilish divided Internet users into two camps

The 18-year-old artist drew the attention of followers to the dilemma around her Nike Air Jordans sneakers. Apparently, sports shoes were conceived and created in mint-white tones, but many network users see exclusively white and pink combination. And among them is Billie Eilish’s father, who started this story.

“Years earlier I wore these crosses and my father said: “Wow, they are so cool. What is that, pink and white?” Pink and white?! – A star in the storis was outraged, showing shoes from all sides and in all situations. – I don’t know what happened to all of you as a child, but pink and white?”!

Many of the singer’s subscribers agreed with Patrick O’Connell (Billy and Finneasa’s father) and have already proclaimed the sneakers as “the very dress” that kept the controversy going five years ago. But what is it really – a deception of vision, optical illusion or some tricky idea of Eilish?