The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has exceeded 41,000

The number of cases of coronavirus on the territory of the U.S. at the moment is more than 41 thousand, an increase of almost 8.5 thousand per day, according to data from health services.

A total of 41,337 cases have been confirmed, as have 508 deaths. At the same time, the number of cured was only 187 people. The United States is the third most affected country in the world.

As reported, on Monday the chief surgeon of the United States, Dr. Jerome Adams, said that in the coming days in America a sharp increase in coronavirus is expected.

“I want America to realize that things are going to get bad this week,” he said on Today’s NBC News.

According to Adams, the disease is spreading in the U.S. because many people across the country, especially young people, do not take the threat seriously enough and do not follow the authorities’ instructions to stay home and practice social distance.

“Now there are few people who take it seriously,” he said.

According to him, young people go to the beaches in California and want to visit the National Mall in central Washington, where monuments, museums and memorials are located, to see the annual cherry blossom there.

With the growing number of diseases, the capital’s Federal District authorities are trying to limit the congregation of citizens in downtown Washington.

“Everyone must act as if they already have the virus. So, test it or not, but we need you to understand that you can spread it to others or you can get it from someone else. Stay home,” Adams said.

The U.S. capital and neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia already have 579 coronavirus cases, local health services reported. In the last 24 hours alone, it has grown 45 percent. So far, 116 cases have been identified in Washington, 244 in Maryland and 219 in Virginia. Since the pandemic began, two people in Washington and six in Virginia and Maryland have died.

According to doctors, the virus is not only affecting older people. In Maryland, for example, more than 40% of those infected with the coronavirus are between 18 and 54 years old.

In Washington, DC, restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, spas and massage parlors, as well as cinemas are closed. The movement of citizens in the centre of the capital is restricted, and dozens of public transport routes have been abolished.